Post Graduate Diploma in Global Business Management with Co-op

Learn business topics such as project management, business communications, financial and managerial accounting, operations management, entrepreneurship, human resources management and business management to ensure you can navigate any business environment.
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Why you should take this program?

The Post Graduate Diploma in Global Business Management program allows you to prepare for a wide variety of business management careers. In this program, you'll gain the skill set to embark on a borderless career.
The program facilitated by The Business School, will deliver a unique blend of management and international concepts to train you to effectively lead in the international business environment.

Admissions Process.

Our admission process is made easy.


Complete an Application Form

Complete an application form and submit it to our Admissions Team for review.

Post Graduate Diploma in Global Business Management with Co-op
(2 years)


Meet the Admissions Requirements

  • Have a conferred diploma or a degree from a recognized post-secondary institution.
  • Complete an interview with a member of our Admissions Team.
  • Commit to program and job search requirements.
  • For Live Online sessions, you must be able to use your own laptop to participate in class.


Receive an Acceptance Letter

Once our team has completed the review of your application and determined that you meet our the admissions requirements, we will send you an acceptance letter.

We are here to create new possibilities for our students.

To help you become successful in your field, our experts will teach you tips and tricks as well as the best practices.
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