Ambassador Program.

Here at York College of Applied Studies, we not only provide you with a transformative learning and coaching experience in beautiful Canada, but we also want to create an international and supportive community that serves as a connection between open-minded individuals, who are eager to learn, grow and connect.
Below you’ll find information on talking to an ambassador and how to sign up to become an ambassador.

Become an Ambassador

Did you have a great time at YorkC and now want to share your experiences with future students?
Being a YorkC Ambassador is one of the best positions for networking, improving your communication skills, and making a difference in the lives of others! You will engage with prospective students to answer questions about our YorkC programs and life in Canada.

Qualifications & Skills

1. Be a former or current student at YorkC.
2. Attend an Ambassador training session.
3. Have good communication skills.
4. Have an interest in making connections with other students and staff.
5. Follow the YorkC Ambassador policies.
6. Be motivated to share your passion for learning and international study abroad.
7. Have free time to work as an Ambassador.

Responsibilities & Duties

Developing relationships with prospective students.

Ambassadors develop relationships with prospective students by phone, mail, email, text, social media, and personal visits. The purpose of these contacts is to gather student information, answer questions, help them to get to know what YorkC has to offer, and eventually assist them in enrolling at YorkC.

Campus Tours.

Ambassadors who are current students will also play a large role in helping students become familiar with their new surroundings through campus tours. The Ambassador will welcome students on campus, take them to visit our staff, and introduce them to services, resources and facilities they will have access to as a student at the YorkC.


Attend student networking events to help facilitate connections and advise students on the current job market and their professional field.

Sharing Experience.

Tell us about your success in an alumni profile and contribute to our social media profiles.

Recruitment Activities.

Each ambassador will participate in activities to help prospective students learn about York College programs and to eventually enrol at YorkC.

Professional development.

Lead professional development workshops for alumni and current students.

Encouraging Others.

Ambassadors are asked to be available via phone or email to answer prospective students’ questions.
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As a YorkC Ambassador, unlock incredible rewards like tuition waivers and gift cards. Earn points to level up your opportunities! After just six months, receive a prestigious YorkC Ambassador Certificate to boost your resume and career prospects. Immerse yourself in valuable professional development workshops, connecting with alumni, students, and future leaders. Don't miss out on this amazing networking opportunity!

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