Certify your English Proficiency with YorkC.

Complete the YorkC Free English Assessment and level up your language skills! 🌟 Accepted by YorkC and HER Business School, this test provides an accurate evaluation of your [listening], [speaking], [reading], and [writing] abilities. Receive results on the same day and take the test online anytime, anywhere. 📚🎉
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Understanding your score.

Level 1
You can describe your habits and routines and talk about everyday situations using a basic vocabulary. You are able to understand straightforward information.
Level 2

You can understand clear spoken/written information and participate in conversations about various topics. You have basic grammar skills. This level is suitable for the Essentials in Business Certificate.
Level 3

You understand most of what you read or hear. You can share personal views in casual conversations with friends. You can participate in discussions and grasp the main points, although you may struggle with expressing yourself. This level meets the requirements for the Certificate in Business Essentials.
Level 4

You should have Level 4 proficiency in order to enroll in diploma programs at YorkC. This means that you can effectively communicate in most situations, discuss various topics with relevant explanations, speak fluently, and your mistakes won't be misunderstood.
Level 5
You can express yourself clearly and easily, with minimal mistakes. You can discuss your area of specialization. Your language is structured and organized.
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