York College of Applied Studies and International Business University partner to open pathways to students

International Business University and York College have partnered to offer higher education and employment possibilities to students from all around the world.
York College and International Business University (IBU) have signed an Articulation Agreement (AA) that takes advantage of Ontario’s recognition of prior learning and credit transfer system to optimize pathways for students’ learning.  
The AA sets out transfer credit pathways from York’s one or two-year Business Administration Management Diploma to IBU’s Honours Bachelor of Commerce Degree in International Management and Technology. York College graduates who meet IBU admission requirements are eligible for block transfer credit recognition towards IBU’s degree program. 
“This creative collaboration offers a distinctive learning experience that equips graduates to meet the quickly evolving demands of today's job market by combining the strength of York College's internationally recognized business school with the global perspective of International Business University. “, said Goran Sesum York College of Applied Studies Director of Admissions.

Here are just a few of the incredible benefits this new partnership offers to York College students who want to develop their business skills through an innovative degree program at IBU:

Students can stand out with not one but two credentials from Canadian institutions  
Students can stand out in the hiring process by presenting two qualifications from two institutions. 

Transferable York College Credits 
Students will be able to transfer their York College credits towards the International Business University program and fast-track their learning. 

Programs with Practicum, Co-op or Internship Components 
Students have an option to gain work experience related to their studies by choosing programs with practicum, co-op or internship components. 

Opportunity to Apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit  
Thanks to the partnership between York College and International Business University, students will have the opportunity to apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) at the end of their IBU program. A PGWP may be valid for one to three years. 

About International Business University 
nternational Business University or IBU is the first Next-Generation Business University in Ontario. IBU is a student-centered institution that provides a wide variety of academic and professional degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels that are relevant to careers and can be completed quickly. In addition to knowledge, you'll graduate with experience in problem-solving as well as technical and social abilities. You will be equipped to take on positions in business and the private sector, nonprofit organizations serving the community, and the public sector. Ontario’s Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board (PEQAB) approved the application for a university title and the first of its programs. Ontario’s Minister of Colleges and Universities granted final consent on December 4, 2020, opening IBU’s campus at 80 Bloor St. West and virtual classrooms to learners seeking accessible, flexible and personalized education and launching its vision to be a world-class centre of business education. 
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