The Importance Of Female Education

Education has always been shaped by gender, religion, culture and class. Considering that, education in different countries and periods was significantly different. What was the same in most cases was the lack of educated women. For centuries, women were deprived of education in various ways. Some were called out for wanting to be educated, others were forbidden to be educated in any way, while in some cultures only certain women were allowed to study.
After a long struggle, women in most countries finally got complete freedom and full right to equal education. Unfortunately, in some countries of the middle east this is still an issue. However, although women are free in most of the world and have access to education, it is still a very common case that women are not educated. Of course, it's a matter of personal choice, and some women simply don't want it, but let's take a look at the importance of female education and why most women should reconsider educating themselves one more time.

The Importance of Female Education – 6 Main Benefits  Eq
Education is a Huge Step Towards Achieving Gender Equality Education is the field in which men's supremacy over women is most evident. Male education is very often a priority, which later leads to men having better positions at work, as well as significantly more self-confidence because of it. Denying women, the right to equal education encourages gender inequality as well as stereotypical behaviors in society.

Providing an educational system that is gender neutral is a very significant step towards gender equality.  Educated Women are Independent and Capable Women Education starting at an early age is the source of making women realize they can, and they have a lot of positive growth to contribute not only to the global financial system but in all different areas. Through the process of education, women understand their value and the many possibilities they have, thereby they become independent and build self-confidence. Also, later in life, educated women have much more opportunities, which additionally contributes to their independence and self-reliance.  

Education of Women Promotes Economic Development Women are half of the population in most countries. Additional education of half of the world's population, i.e. women, will greatly increase the chance for better economic development. Women play a key role in promoting national development. Lack of women's education means slow development and a less productive society. 

Young Educated Girls Will Likely Have a Better Life UNICEF's research revealed that Girls who receive an education are less likely to marry young and more likely to lead healthy, productive lives. They earn higher incomes, participate in the decisions that most affect them, and build better futures for themselves and their families. Educated Girls Are Far More Likely to Be Aware of Issues Surrounding Violence and Abuse Educated women have significantly more knowledge about the violence that happens every day, thus they are less likely to become victims of sexual or domestic violence, and human trafficking. Also, educated women gain enough self-confidence during schooling that they are able to be on their own, so it's less likely that they will stay with an abusive partner. 

Educated Women Make Great Political Leaders Women who have access to education have much more knowledge about politics and are much more aware of what is happening around them. Therefore, educated women have significantly more self-confidence in their ability to lead, which makes them fantastic leaders. Research has shown that women who are educated are much less likely to become extremists or militarists, unlike men who have the same level of education.  

Female education is very important both for the world economy and for women themselves. By educating women, they will have a better and more stable life, become independent and build self-confidence. Now, at a time when in most of the world women have freedom and the opportunity to get an education, women should seize that opportunity and never remain without education. 

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